8401 White Oak #108     Rancho Cucamonga, CA    909.295.1111

  1. Carolyn Burns says:

    Wow guys…everytime I look at this website it makes me want to train hard!!!
    Good Job!!!

  2. Big Rooster says:

    I’ve trained with many trainers and there is not a single trainer who knows what they’re doing better than matt!! Go Flex Factory!!! If anyone wants to be trained by the best in Rancho Cucamonga you’ve come to the right website. I’ve trained with Matt for years and so has my family. My mom has been training with Andrew for years already and it has truly changed her not only physically but mentaly. Thanks Flex Factory, for all that you’ve done!

  3. Karen Ayres says:

    The best trainers with the best education and the best motivational skills. Tailored to your specific goals. If you don’t get the results you want it’s only because you aren’t using the tools they give you!! These guys are the best!

  4. People are always amazed when I tell them I have a trainer being that I am a trainer myself, but no one else has ever been able to push the limits of my body like Matt has!! He has completely changed not only the way other people see my body but the way I see myself inside and out. Thank you Matt for kicking my a$$ these last few years!!!

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